Lee, The Levitations, etc.

Here's the original photo, taken in the summer of 1964, of THE ROADRUNNERS.

From left to right: Ronnie Cunningham, Lee Rand, Steve Currie, & Galen LaBree.

Steve Currie passed away in July of 2015 in Lee, Maine. He never played in another band


The Roadrunners onstage at the American Legion Hall on Park Street in Orono.

Lee & The Levitations were formed in 1964/65. By the time Lee left the music scene for college in 1968 the band saw several member changes and the name had changed several times too. Lee briefly played in "4 of Bad's Children + 1", a band from the Hampden/Winterport area before finally calling it quits. In four years, Lee and his various bands played extensively throughout eastern and northern Maine and appeared on both Channel 2 and Channel 5 television in Bangor. "I enjoyed some of the happiest times of my life. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!", he says.

Ironically, one of the few towns Lee never played was in Lincoln, his current hometown for the past 20 years. But it was here that he entertained before his largest crowds as a DJ! That fact, along with his number one rated radio show, truly puts him into a position to be called "Lincoln's only living legend"!

Now some history of the bands and people Lee was involved with during the 60s to the best of his recollection.

Here are the band names:

Lee & The Levitations - 1964

The Group - 1964/65

The Roadrunners - 1965
The Good & The Bad - 1965
Ronnie & The Roadrunners - 1965/66
4 of Bad's Children +1 - 1 966/67

Here are the band members, again as best as Lee can remember:

Skippy Coffin: Bass guitar. From Alton. He'd been playing awhile. Don't think he actually became a member of the band. Last I heard 20 or so years ago he was playing in a country & western band around Eastern Maine.

Jimmy Emerson: Rythmn quitar. From Old Town. In the the original band only briefly. Left to go into the Service. Whereabouts today unknown.

Jimmy Humphrey: Lead quitar. From Old Town. Last seen in early 1970's, living in either Oregon or Washington State. Whereabouts today unknown.

Galen LaBree: From Old Town. Replaced Jimmy Emerson. Went on to operate Charles Street Studios in Bangor, ME with Mark Wellman. Now lives in Plano, Texas and works for Texas Instruments.

Russell Cousins: Bass guitar. Was in and out of music scene for many years and worked as a policeman in Bangor, Me, as well as in a music store. Whereabouts today unknown.

Steve Currie: Bass player from Orono, came to group through Ronnie Cunningham. Lived in Lee , ME, but passed away from ALS in July 2015.

Danny Webster: Rythmn guitar, from Veazie. Put Lee's song to music. Worked in Millinocket area in 1980's. Left music completely and had no interest in talking about "those days". Whereabouts today unknown.

Ronnie Cunningham: from Orono, Lead quitar & vocals. Still playing today in "New Society", a group, albiet with many changes over the years, that he formed when Lee left The Roadrunners in 1968. Lives in Glenburn, ME.

Jimmy Robichaud: Rythmn/Lead guitar & vocals, from Orono. Played off & on since, and operated a typewriter repair business in Bangor in the 1980's. Whereabouts today unknown.

Bob Boutin: Bass guitar, from Orono. Played with us briefly. Owned the Main St. Market in Milford for many years. Lives in Bangor, ME area.

There you have an admittingly brief rundown of the bands Lee played in, the members of those bands, and where they are today.